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FAQs For Individuals

Here’s a crazy thought: what if women’s healthcare was designed with women in mind?!

The search query “mental health services near me” hit an all-time high on Google’s search engine in 2018, but it shouldn’t matter where you are – and now, it doesn’t.

Juno is a digital mental health platform that aims to make mental healthcare more equal and accessible for every woman struggling with mental or emotional health challenges either with fertility problems, during & after pregnancy or whilst experiencing the challenges of menopause. We provide secure video consultation or instant messaging service from your smartphone, tablet or computer at the touch of a button (or two). Because we think everyone deserves equal access to high quality digital mental healthcare.

If you are experiencing issues that are affecting your happiness, peace of mind or emotional wellness or which are creating barriers to you achieving your day to day goals, we are here to help.

We are building a network of therapists that can treat a wide range of mental health conditions such as anxiety, stress, OCD, eating disorders, health anxiety, women’s health issues, post-natal depression and sleeping problems.

We know that fertility problems can cause immense psychological distress. Juno is here to support you with the mental and emotional health challenges related to the stress, pain and raw emotion that infertility can bring. Around 1 in 7 couples have difficulty conceiving, which is approximately 3.5 million people in the UK and available data indicate that more than 50 million couples worldwide experience infertility. This can have a significant impact on mental health, and we want to support you at this difficult time. Infertility can be such a lonely and difficult experience and we’re here for you for as long as you need.


We’re also here to support you with your mental health during and after pregnancy. Globally, maternal mental illness is the most common serious health complication of pregnancy and if untreated it can have a devastating impact on women and their families.

Perinatal mental health refers to a woman’s mental health during pregnancy and after birth. This includes mental illness existing before pregnancy, as well as illnesses that develop during pregnancy or which are greatly exacerbated in the perinatal period (after giving birth).

Pregnant or just had a baby? You will have a lot of changes and adjustments to face which is why we believe you can benefit from our services for at least 2 years after you give birth.


We also recognise that menopause can seriously affect your mental health. Approaching middle age often brings increased stress, anxiety, and fear… Hot flashes, sweating, and other symptoms of menopause may cause disruptions to your everyday life. There may also be emotional changes, such as worries about getting older, losing family members, changes to your career or children leaving home.

A study by the British Menopause Society found that almost 50% of menopausal women felt unable to discuss their symptoms or feelings.

We understand that the menopause can affect every part of a woman’s life and that for some women it’s hard to manage – so if you need support, we’re here for you!


Regardless of the cause of your challenges, we want you to use Juno at any time and for as long as you want to.

  • If you are in an emergency or severe crisis situation – you should call 999 or your crisis team if you have one.
  • You are experiencing an acute psychotic episode.
  • You have a severe mental illness and you are experiencing an episode that is being managed by specialist teams.
  • If you are imminently in need of help or having thoughts of harming yourself or your baby, please call Samaritans on 116 123 from any phone.

We use Zoom ( to deliver our high-quality video consultations with end-to-end encryption and which is HIPPA & GDPR compliant. You will need to download Zoom onto your device; this is simple and free. Other than that, all you need is a good internet connection! We offer our service via our web-based platform. This can be accessed via your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Our free, clinically validated mental health assessments offer guidance and support to help you better understand your mental & emotional health and help you to identify whether you need support. These assessments are used by medical professionals globally.

We recognise that different people have different needs, preferences and schedules which is why we have two options:

You can select either a 30-minute appointment or 50-minute appointment.

  • The cost of a 30-minute appointment with a Juno mental health professional is £45.00.
  • The cost of a 50-minute appointment with a Juno mental health professional is £65.00.

If you are not sure which option is better for you, you can discuss this in further detail with your therapist.

Payments are made via Stripe, a secure online payments system. We do not store any payment details.

Our objective is to build the biggest online network of women’s mental health professionals. All our therapists are trained to deal with mental health issues and are professionally registered / accredited. You are able to read each therapists bio before selecting an appointment. Their bio will outline any specialisms and experience they have. You are not obliged to book with the same therapist again if you do not wish to. All of our therapists are bound by the professional and ethical standards set out by the professional body of which they are a registered member.

If there are no time slots or therapists available that you would like to have an appointment with, please email us at with your requirements and we will try and find the right therapist for you at a time that suits you.

If you are in crisis, imminently in need of help or having thoughts of harming yourself (or anybody else), please call Samaritans on 116 123 from any phone.

Appointments can be cancelled 24 hours or more before your appointment with no charge. Appointments cancelled after this time will be liable for a cancellation charge – this is to ensure that we are able to deploy our therapists efficiently and support as many people as possible.

Please review our Terms & Conditions for details.

Juno takes privacy extremely seriously and we have detailed cookie and privacy policies. You can read these on our website. We will use SSL (secure sockets layer) end-to-end encryption for your security. Payments are made via Stripe, a secure online payments system. We do not store any payment details.

Once you have booked an appointment you will receive confirmation & further information about what to do immediately prior to having your appointment.

You will also receive a reminder notification 15 minutes prior to the start time of your appointment.

We use Stripe, a secure payment service provider and accept debit or credit card payments. Your sensitive card details are encrypted using SSL technology before transmission to Stripe. Your card details will never be stored on our servers.

Appointments last 30 minutes or 50 minutes respectively (providing you start your appointment on time). If you wish to book further sessions, you can do so.

If you want to book a further session with your therapist, you can do so using the Juno booking system on our platform. You then simply add the appointment to your calendar.

Many people will choose to have a session on a weekly basis. However, the recommended frequency of sessions will depend on your personal preference and your needs. If regular sessions are best for you, then you should consider subscribing to monthly membership with Juno or purchasing a block package. If you are an ivfBabblePrime subscriber, you can upgrade to BabblePrime+

The number of sessions you have depends on your individual situation and the type of therapy you are receiving. Your therapist can discuss this with you, but it is very much personal preference. Many people will need around 10-12 sessions for an effective course of talking therapy, others may require fewer or more sessions. You can end the course of your therapy whenever you feel it is necessary, but it is strongly encouraged that you discuss your wish to end your therapy sessions with your therapist so you can bring things to a satisfactory close safely.

Your sessions are private, between you and your therapist. Notes will however be recorded about your session by your professional and these will be available to other therapists you request appointments with in the future to improve the service you receive.

All the information discussed in an appointment via Juno is completely confidential between you and your therapist. Each therapist is bound by their professional bodies’ codes of ethical practice and confidentiality.

In exceptional circumstances (such as safeguarding concerns) a therapist may need to share some information with another professional, such as your GP, for example if there is a serious risk of harm to yourself or to others. This information will normally only be shared with your permission.

Your therapist will record clinical notes of your appointment. If you were to book an appointment with a different therapist, your notes will be made available to your new therapist to assist with your on-going treatment.

Your notes may be reviewed confidentially by select qualified professionals for auditing and quality evaluation purposes.

Talking therapy is suitable for and can be beneficial to anybody! People who need therapy come from a wide range of backgrounds and can have a broad variety of needs.

Fertility problems can cause immense psychological distress and you are not alone; a recent study found that almost 80% of women experiencing infertility experienced clinical mental health problems.


We also know that pregnancy can be challenging, and women during & after pregnancy have unique emotional health needs. We want to make sure that you and your family have access to the support you need, when you need it.


Remember, no problem is too small for talking therapy. If you are feeling low, anxious, stressed out, unsettled, have a challenge you would like help with overcoming, or just want to talk with somebody then therapy could be right for you.

You may feel that therapy might be helpful for your partner – if so, speak with them about Juno or share this link with them: If you don’t try, you’ll never know & you have nothing to lose.

Remember: asking for help is not a weakness – it takes genuine courage.

Insert hyperlink here to: “what is talking therapy

Digital therapy research shows that behavioural therapy provided via written message or video can be as effective as, and in some cases better, than traditional face-to-face therapy. Large review articles[i] have shown equivalent clinical effectiveness in over 200 trials at the highest levels of medical evidence. Significantly, patient satisfaction was frequently reported as higher in the online therapy groups.

[i] Usefulness of telepsychiatry: A critical evaluation of videoconferencing-based approaches. Chakrabarti (2015)

With traditional therapy you are often assigned to a long waiting list, and then have to travel to the appointment which is often inconvenient. We want to do things differently, by using secure technology to bring women’s mental & emotional healthcare into the 21st century…

We know from research that women experiencing fertility problems experience significant psychological distress (>75%) but that less than 20% are provided with mental health resources.


An RCOG report in 2017 found that 87% of women reported experiencing maternal mental health problems, but only 7% were referred to specialist services and 40% of women had to wait over 6 weeks, with some waiting up to a year.

Our mission is simple. We want to make it easy and convenient for you to access compassionate, expert support wherever you are, whenever you need it. When you use Juno, you have the freedom to choose from a range of specialists and you can have your session from the comfort and security of your own home, at any time of day (subject to availability) – perfect for those with a hectic schedule – so just about all women.

Many studies have found that women experiencing fertility problems often feel distressed, anxious or depressed, yet your emotional health needs are often overlooked. Fertility challenges can lead to isolation and many women don’t know who to turn to, or how. Our team has personal experience of these difficulties, which is one of the reasons we are so driven to build something that we wish had existed a long time ago. Please see our fertility and mental health information page for more details.

Perinatal mental health refers to your mental and emotional health during and after your pregnancy. It is important to seek help as soon as possible if you think you might be anxious or depressed at this time as your symptoms can get worse and have a significant impact on you, your baby and your family. Please see our maternal mental health information page for more details.

Not all therapies are the same, but they do have similarities and all therapies should make you feel that you are supported and help you to make sense of your individual circumstances.

Therapy is designed to make you feel that you are better equipped to cope with things.

Different therapies are designed to help different needs; psychodynamic therapy concentrates on talking about your past, which may be helpful if you have a history of mental health problems, whereas other therapies, such as CBT, may focus more on the present or even the future. Some therapies, such as mindfulness therapy, are more spiritual.

All our therapists are fully qualified, insured and experienced in women’s health issues.

1 in 4 people in the UK experience a mental health problem every year, with many people experiencing more than one. But what does this actually mean? It means 33 people in your tube carriage each morning, or 21,000 people at Wembley football stadium.

You are NOT alone.

A recent study found that 76% of women with fertility problems experienced clinical anxiety (affecting 60% of men) and almost 60% of women experienced clinical depression (affecting 30% of men).


It may also shock you to learn that maternal mental health is the most serious health complication of pregnancy, worldwide! In the UK it affects around 25% of women and it is thought that 50% of women remain undiagnosed. (Around 10% of fathers experience depression & around 18% experience symptoms of anxiety). Don’t forget – if you’re a man and you need support, we’re here for you too.

Mental health problems can cause intense, debilitating suffering. They can also have long-term impacts on your personal relationships, with your partner, your family and your friends and can affect your professional career.

If you have children, mental health problems can also affect your children’s emotional, social and cognitive development, particularly if left untreated. This is why it is important to seek help early.

We have a strict on-boarding policy for our therapists. Every therapist is carefully selected by our Management Team. They are all experienced with a minimum of 2 years’ experience and must provide evidence of qualifications. They must also have up-to-date professional indemnity insurance and an up to date DBS certificate.

Yes, you can use our service from anywhere – all you need to do is download Zoom onto your device and have a good internet connection.

Please note that due to US law, our therapists are currently unable to work with US citizens.

Please contact us at

Our primary objective is to make you feel better and customer experience is so important to us.

If you are not happy with the service you have received, we ask in the first instance that you try to resolve it with the therapist themselves. If that doesn’t work, then the next stage would be for you to contact the Management Team at Juno by emailing using CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE in the subject box, providing a short summary of the problem. We will do everything we can to help you resolve the issue.


Please note, if your concern relates to the professional conduct of a therapist, we ask that you contact their Professional Membership body and, if appropriate, make a formal complaint. All our therapists are members of a Professional Membership Body and this information is included within their profile. You must let us know once you make your formal complaint if this is the case.

FAQs For Business

Juno gives employers the opportunity to provide invaluable mental health support at critical time in the lives of their employees.

In an economy where unemployment is low and competition for talent is fierce, companies can’t afford to lose experienced, accomplished women due to a lack of available healthcare options and services. And women shouldn’t feel unsupported during these difficult times.

Many progressive and innovative companies are open to providing these valuable services, but don’t know where to start. They also don’t want to deal with all the benefit planning, receipt checking and other administration. Juno takes care of it all. Simply allocate a fixed allowance for each employee, refer the employee to us and we’ll do the rest.

On-demand care reduces absenteeism and therefore leads to reduced costs and increased productivity & engagement. Bringing seamless digital healthcare to one single platform, Juno aims to deliver a level of care and support that is unprecedented in women’s health in the workplace.

You’ll agree a support allowance that you will make available to your employees who are experiencing fertility problems or who are expecting a child / have just given birth or perhaps experiencing mental health problems relating to the menopause.

This service is available to male employees too.

We recommend that the support allowance is set at £650 for each individual in order to get the maximum benefit from the scheme; this will secure 10 x 50-minute sessions with a Juno mental health professional. Juno uses technology to provide secure, remote consultations with mental health therapists meaning that our service can even be accessed from a safe, secure space in your workplace (where appropriate and if agreeable with the employee).

When an employee registers with Juno for the first time they will be able to access their allowance immediately. Once the employee allowance has been used in full your employee will have the option to purchase further appointments personally.

Juno is an innovative digital health service. By introducing your staff to Juno’s services, you have the potential to put them on the road to better mental & emotional health. The proposition becomes much more compelling when you subsidise appointments and will send a very powerful message to your employees.

Mental health issues in the workplace cost UK employers up to £42 billion per year. Remember, the £650 allowance is a suggested allowance – you can set your own budget for your employees.

FAQs For Mental Health Professionals

We give you access to a pipeline of engaged clients, including from our partners. Many of our users will be receiving subsidised support from their employers.

Juno is perfect for practitioners who don’t want the hassle of attracting clients. We know that not every great practitioner is good at marketing or is ready to take the risk of going into private practice without support.

You may be already working full time in the NHS or private clinics but want more flexibility. We give you an opportunity to boost your income and, ultimately, do what you love – help the people who need it most.

Register using the ‘work with us’ page on our website. You will then be asked to provide professional information; once this is provided, if you meet our criteria, you’ll be ready to go.