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Juno for Business

Corporate healthcare for the 21st century

In an economy where unemployment is low and competition for talent is fierce, companies can’t afford to lose experienced, accomplished women due to a lack of available healthcare options and services.

Mental health issues in the workplace cost UK employers up to £42 billion per year. £8 billion of which is sickness absence, and another £8 billion spent on replacing staff who leave their jobs because of mental health.[i]

Mental health issues in the workplace cost UK employers up to £42 billion per year.

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Impact of Women on Companies

The women’s health landscape is changing rapidly

A recent UK survey found that 44% of pregnant women felt that their work environment increased their stress levels and 43% would like more support in their workplace.

Juno will offer employees access to the support they need at the push of a button by providing a range of benefits designed to advance women and new parents in the workforce, whilst helping your company reduce maternity-related illness & absence and retaining top talent in the process – all whilst benefitting your bottom line: McKinsey recently called advancing women at work a $12 trillion business opportunity.[ii]


An unprecedented level of support

On-demand care reduces absenteeism and therefore leads to reduced costs and increased productivity & engagement.

By bringing seamless digital healthcare to one single platform, Juno will deliver a level of care and support that is unprecedented in women’s health in the workplace by providing access to a range of healthcare professionals for support during the maternity leave period and when returning to work.

Our goal is to raise expectations for women’s healthcare and women in the workplace by providing access to support for your employee’s unique health journey, driving positive outcomes and industry-leading engagement.

If you are one of the 91% of employers who agree that what they do affects the wellbeing of their staff and believe you are a progressive and innovative company, get in touch to discuss how Juno can provide your workforce with the benefits they need to make starting a family and returning to work a viable option, thereby reducing one of the major sources of talent drain in the UK (and wider) economy.

By providing outstanding perinatal mental health, maternity and return-to-work support, together we can help close the gap and encourage a more diverse workforce.


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[ii] Advancing Women’s Equality [McKinsey Global Institute September 2015]